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  1. i understand your antipathy to the sometimes arrogant behaviour of the black block, but since youtube advanced to the no 1-source for the cops to get watertight proof for “crimes” like mummery or “gangleading” there _is_ actually a problem with residents and their cellphone-videos.

    • Please give a few seconds’ thought to the behaviour you’re attempting to defend.

      On the theoretical side, you’re attempting to justify randomised zero-warning violence against casual bystanders.

      On the practical side, this was a public march, which took place in a world with almost as many camera-phones as people.

      On the legal side, you mention cops looking for evidence of invented crimes, but you’re looking at evidence of an actual crime (though minor and pointless) — assault.

      This guy was an idiot, looking for an excuse to be violent. Please don’t attempt to defend him, if you value your own beliefs and convictions.

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